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Welcome to Roadside Safety Supply!

At Roadside Safety Supply we want to make the roads safer for all, especially your employees. Our goal is to reduce the number of roadside accidents that happen each year.

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Through innovative and cost effective products, Roadside Safety Supply is committed to providing you the transportation worker, law enforcement officer, road maintenance, or road safety specialist, the right equipment to provide for a safe work environment and for safe travel for those who use the roads.


The products pictured here are only a few of the items that have been designed with your safety in mind.


Make sure the clothing you wear, the indicators that you place on the street, the equipment you need to direct traffic, and the signs you use to mark traffic hazards are always available for your needs.

Do you want to understand how to use our products? Please check out the Traffic Control for Emergency Responders Training Course from ATSSA.

Please explore our website and find the equipment you need to promote workplace safety on the roadway.



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New products

The following are new product introductions.

XG-3002 Electric Generator with Mobility Kit


The Electric Generator with Mobility Kit provides unique technology providing pure power output for operation of computers and other electronics 6.5HP 4-Cycle OHV air cooled engine with recoil start 3500W Surge, 2800W Continuous.

XG-3004 1000 Watt Two Stroke Generator


The Stroke Generator provides 1.5HP at 3600 RPM. It is a two stroke air cooled, single cylinder engine, with recoil start and 1000 Watt peak 800 Watt Rated.

XG-3102TE & XG-3102TECM 2000 Watt Digital Inverter


The 2000 Watt Digital Inverter features a stable sine wave generator to use with sensitive electronic equipment in a sleek design with a mobility kit and 3 HP OHV Engine