Product Videos

Mini Jump Start Video

Roadside Safety Supply SEMA Commercial

Click on the arrow in the picture below to see a demonstration of the Duro Flash product.

Duro Flash Product Video

Click on the arrow in the picture below to see a demonstration of the Duro Flash product.

High Power Flashlight looking for a Fat Ninja in a warehouse

Click on the arrow to view the video. This is our high power flashlight. We are selling this to LAPD and other police forces as well as Fireman, Tow Truck Drivers, Truckers and others. This is a very good and powerful flashlight at 160 lumens and we have received great reviews on it. If you want more information contact us at These are not much more then the do it yourself flashlights you see on you tube but they work much better and are not a hack job.

Collapsible Cones

These collapsible cones work great. They are 28" high and they save space in your vehicle while still performing the function of a regular cone. They are much more convienent to carry and set up then the traditional cones and are great for work areas where just a few cones are needed.

How does the Duro Flash Work

We have had several questions of people who have seen the video on line ask us how the Duro Flash works. We wanted to show a demonstration so that you would know. Hopefully this explains it clearly.

Set of 4 Batons with bases

This set of 4 batons come with bases that are 4 lbs. They work great in all weather conditions and will not be blown over by rotor wash or by large trucks driving by. They run for approximately 150 hours and are very bright. The come in a Set of 4 but can also be bought individually. The batons are 21 inches long.

Are Collapsible Cones Fire Retardent

We had a customer call us today and ask us if collapsible cones are fire retardent. We thought they used fire retardent material but just to make sure we tried to set one on fire. Here are the results. Basically the Orange Part melted but did not flame and the refective part did not even melt. I would say that is a passing grade.

White Grill lights from Roadside Safety XG7645

These Grill lights in are in White but we also have Red/Red, Red/Blue, Amber/White and many more color combinations. These are very effective for police, fire, tow, and construction workers.

Traffic and crowd contol baton functions

Here is a video we made while stuck in traffic on the 4th of July leaving the fireworks show. I wish the Sheriff's had these traffic batons I think they could have moved traffic much faster and safer as they were trying to get several hundred cars down a very narrow street.