Company Profile

Roadside Safety Supply is the marketing arm for Xing Gung Manufacturing worldwide.

We here are at Roadside have a diverse background that helps us to develop high quality product at affordable prices. One of our partners spent several years in China doing contract Manufacturing for Mattel, Hasbro, Disney, Tyco, Ertl and other toy companies. This gives us the understanding of how to produce a quality product but it also helps us as we understand price points and are able to piggy back on to the volume done in the toy business. Another partner has a background in Electronics, Signal Devices and Safety Issues. As an employee of the Union Pacific Railroad for over 30 years and a Signal Supervisor for the Western Divsion for many of those years he is able to use his expertise to guide us in the direction of which items need to be developed in order to prevent accidents or injuries on the job. Especially when working roadside.

  One of the most dangerous parts of many people's jobs is when they are working near or in traffic. When people who are working in these areas see our line they are amazed at how we can make their jobs safer by increasing their visibility or increasing the visibility of the area or vehicle they are in.

  These items are helping to  make tow truck drivers, police, fireman, lane strippers, landscapers, DOT workers and many others who work in or near traffic safer.

  Our goal is to come out with a product that will save lives by increasing the visibility of the worker. We also have a goal to get the product to market in the most cost effective way possible so more people can afford to buy and use it. What good is a safety item if it is too expensive for companies to buy so nobody gets to use and benefit from it?

We hope to make the roads and highways a safer place for your workers.


I would like to introduce you to Roadside Safety Supply.

We started this company with Safety in mind. We feel there is a real need to protect the workman, pedestrian and driver when there is vehicle parked on the road side or a road side emergency that obstructs traffic.

We are a company with offices in the USA as well as in China. Xing Gung Manufacturing was started as a division of a Chinese factory with two locations in Guangdong province and Xiamen, Fuzhou China and now in Ningbo China.

Xing Gung provides safety and traffic related products from the leading Asian manufacturers, by establishing strategic partnerships with key manufacturers, we can provide the best products at the most competitive prices to meet our customers' needs.


We pride ourselves with the flexibility and the ability to make adjustments to products that fit the customer's needs. Roadside Safety Supply is mostly factory direct and ships container loads, which our pricing reflects, but we also carry some of the higher volume items in inventory so you can buy with lower minimums.

  Roadside Safety Supply is very innovative and we work hard to support you with maximum efficiency, delivery, pricing, quality and reliability. Our staff has a combined total of more then 50 years of experience in importing from China and over 25 years with Safety experience. We have teamed up with MJGINC on several projects and they do Safety Consulting and perform other services for us.

We have shipped items that range from components to the final ready to use/install piece.  


We have staff that QC’s every order that is shipped so you can be assured that you are getting what you ordered.

We have based our company on making the Highways safer and reducing traffic accidents. If we can save one life with our products it will all be worth it.

We are a member of ATSSA (America Traffic Safety Services Association) and we also are a certified MBE and WBE company.