Voltex® Roamer 28 Mini Light Bar


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Constructed of heavy-duty Poly-carbon casing throughout for durability, the Roamer-Series 28 inch TIR led light bar is built for tough rigid roads but subtle in design when not in use. Exceptional quality with high power LED chips and light-weight. Strong sticking magnetic base footing to stick anywhere on the roof of your vehicle.


•14 TIR Double Deck LED Heads

•LED Chips - GEN III Technology 0.5 WATT

•Eco Green energy consumption of 3.5 ~ 6.5 amps

•Fully functional individual traffic adviser - Left, right and center traffic adviser functions

•Durable poly-carbon casing

•Poly-carbon LED casing with angle spread brightness enhancers

•More than 12 fully functional patterns on light bar

•Magnetic Super Stick Footing - No drilling requirements

•Computerized control controller system included with LED pattern indicators

•8 feet of wiring included

•LED display electronic controller

•12 Volt D/C power plug and play