Voltex® Spyder 26" Low Profile Mini LED Light Bar


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Heavy duty Spyder 26 Inch LED light bar, including the mounting four super sticky base footing for mounting on most roof top of almost any types of vehicles, one fully functional LED control box. Constructed of aluminum case and poly-carbonate end and front covers, the 26 inch mini light bar is a favorite design by our team.

•14 TIR LED Heads

•LED Chips - GEN III Technology 0.5 WATT

•Eco Green energy consumption of 3.5 ~ 6.5 amps

•Fully functional individual traffic adviser - Left, right and center traffic adviser functions

•Aluminum top and lower case

•Poly-carbon side ends and base footing

•Poly-carbon LED casing with angle spread brightness enhancers

•More than 12 fully functional patterns on light bar

•Magnetic Super Stick Footing - No drilling requirements

•Computerized control controller system included with LED pattern indicators

•8 feet of wiring included

•12 Volt D/C power