Voltex® Tech 56 Light Bar


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Brand new Voltex Tech Series Ultra low profile 56 Inch LED light bar with traffic advisor, including the mounting harness and hardware plus one fully functional LED control box. This Light Bar mounts on any mid to full size car, truck or SUV. These light bars have a slightly wider footprint for increased visibility and stability. Also includes brake lights option.


26 Linear LED Heads

•LED Chips - GEN III Technology 0.5 WATT

•Eco Green energy consumption of 3.5 ~ 6.5 amps

•Fully functional individual traffic adviser - Left, right and center traffic adviser functions

•Search and take down lights

•Aluminum top and lower case

•Poly-carbon side ends and base footing

•Poly-carbon LED casing with angle spread brightness enhancers

•More than 12 fully functional patterns on light bar

•Vehicle bracket and mounting kit included - No drilling requirements

•Computerized control controller system included with LED pattern indicators

•Adjustable footing adjustment with Poly-carbon base

•Brake lights

•8 feet of wiring included

•12 Volt D/C power